How do you do, old acquaintance?

I stepped out of my chariot to walk across the meadow and whom should I spy but your humble servant, Mr. Williams. Don't blush, Pamela. PAMELA: Poor man. BELVILLE: Not so much of your poor man, neither, Pamela. BELVILLE accosts MR. WILLIAMS as in flashback. In the Shared Experience Production Gavin (MR. WILLIAMS) came in at a run from the " Coriolanus " matin e e, still in his toga, and just made his position in time. How do you do, old acquaintance? I am sorry my voice is so startling to you. What are you reading? MR. WILLIAMS: Sir, the French Telemachus, for I am about perfecting myself in the French tongue. BELVILLE: I had rather so than perfecting my Pamela in it. You do well. MR. WILLIAMS: I am sorry I have incurred your displeasure and the more as I have been told by Lady Jones that you had a more honourable view than at first was apprehended. BELVILLE:

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